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You Can Now Tip On Twitter With Braves Basic Attention Token

02 Aug 2019

Another tipping service has been added to Twitter, courtesy of Brave browser.

Alternative internet browser Brave has officially launched tipping following a beta phase, according to a company blog post. Tweeters can tip content using Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Created by the co-founder of both Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich, Brave began as a dedicated ad-blocking browser. In May 2017, the company conducted an initial coin offering of 1 billion BAT with a further 500 million BAT held by the firm, according to Messari Crypto.

The firm’s intention was to create a more equitable profit distribution model between users, content creators and advertisers. With the addition, Brave steps further into the realm of micro-tipping, a service envisioned in its white paper.

To inaugurate the launch, Brave is sending 100,000 BAT grants to every Brave desktop user who cannot receive Brave Ads. Brave claims Reddit, Vimeo and GitHub are next on the list. Brave also currently supports tips for YouTube and Twitch. A Brave tips icon will be placed next to the familiar “retweet” and “favorite” feature on Twitter.

Brave has also automated the tips, meaning tips can be set for your favorite content creators in timed installments. Users must use the Brave browser and have Brave Rewards turned on to use the feature.

Micro-tipping continues to grow within crypto communities, particularly with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Independent project and plugin Tippin.me launched a similar bitcoin-based service last winter, receiving praise from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In April, the Internet Archive self-reported $2,500 in donations from BAT tips.

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