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Ethereum Unique Addresses Crosses 50 Mn, But Active Accounts Continues Falling

05 Jan 2019

On Dec. 16th 2018, the number of unique Ethereum addresses (ETH Wallet) has crossed 50 million mark, according to the data from the ETH BlockExplorer EtherScan. The number of new ETH addresses added that day was 168,506, following a steady growing trend this year.But the total increase is less than half what it used to add during the peak period. The highest historical daily growth of unique Ethereum addresses took place on 4th Jan 2018, with 352,888 new addresses.The 50 million unique addresses represent the total account on Ethereum network which is very different from active accounts. Despite the rise in unique addresses, the active accounts continue to fall throughout 2018, with a peak at around 1.1 million on Jan 4th 2018, which now has fallen by over 70 per cent to 309,788 accounts recorded on Dec 18th, according to data from BitinfoCharts.In the Bitcoin network, the total number of unique Bitcoin wallet recorded on Dec 17th was 466,783, down from 1 million accounts in Jan. 3rd 2018. The number of active Bitcoin wallet stands at 589,750 on Dec. 18th, which is more than half of the highest active  Bitcoin wallet addresses of 1.13 million active accounts on Dec 14th, 2017.Join the Discussion on Telegram

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