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New York Times Plans To Use Blockchain To Fight Fake News

25 Jul 2019

New York Times (NYT) confirmed that it is planning to use blockchain in order to combat fake news.As per a report on news portal, CoinDesk, a news website for the publisher’s News Provenance Project explained how the newspaper’s Research and Development team plans to use Hyperledger Fabric’s permissioned blockchain to verify photographs with the help of IBM Garage, the tech giant’s accelerator program.The News Provenance Project said, “Our initial work involves exploring a blockchain-based system for recording and sharing metadata about media — images and videos in particular — published by news organizations. We are also conducting user experience research to identify the types of signals that can aid users in recognizing authentic media.”The website stated that there is a gap between the vast amount of information news organizations possess about the media they publish photos, (videos as well as articles and other forms), and the subset of that information to which their users have ready access.It further stated, “Into that gap, trolls and bad actors have established many tools for misleading people, generally using authentic photos and videos as source material.”While NYT is one of the mainstream newspapers/publications to take steps towards combating fake news, other publications in the past have made some honest attempts to counter fake news through blockchain.Last August, the Associated Press (AP), which has for long been a handbook for journalists around the world recently signed a deal with a journalism blockchain startup company Civil to stem the rising tide of falsified news.Commenting on the development, AP senior vice president of strategy and enterprise development Jim Kennedy had said, “Right now, we send something out on the internet, and we can’t really track it in all the ways it’s consumed.”Civil is a for-profit company that is funded by Consensys. The latter helps companies build their business on blockchain.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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