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IIT-Backed Kerala Blockchain Academy Selected As Partner For R3

29 Aug 2019

Kerala Blockchain Academy has been selected as a general partner of R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm working with more than 300 organizations across multiple industries.A press release said that KBA is an initiative of Government of the Indian state of Kerala, under Indian Institute of Information and Technology and Management – Kerala (IIITM-K), that explores the disruptive potential of the blockchain technology for achieving public good through capacity building to promote Research, Development and Entrepreneurship.The press release added that KBA has already designed a developer certification program on Corda blockchain, which will be launched next month. This program is reportedly meant for banking and technology professionals and includes training on Corda App development. KBA also provides in-person training on technologies such as Hyperledger and Ethereum.The KBA came into prominence, early last year, when the Kerala-government run Indian Institute of Technology and Management had partnered with internationally renowned Blockchain Education Network to set up a first-of-its kind Blockchain Academy.Michael Gord, founder and CEO, MLG Blockchain Consulting, was to launch the website. Gord is also an Advisory Board Member. Saji Gopinath, director at IITM had said, “The academy plans to explore the possibilities of leveraging blockchain technology for public good, capacity building initiatives and promoting disruptive innovations and entrepreneurship with blockchain technology.”He had added, “Setting up the academy will be definitely a leap forward in Kerala’s efforts in becoming a national leader in the education, adoption and entrepreneurship promotional activities in the new age technological domains.”Apart from that, last year in April, the Academy was selected as a member of Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project, which was a huge achievement for India.KBA was granted an associate membership in the project along with Cambridge University’s Centre for Alternative Finance. As a member, its role would include devising code bases and ledger frameworks of enterprise standards that can be used for easier business transactions around the globe. It might also work on some frameworks that aid in development of market oriented apps and hardware.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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