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Waves DEX Now Supports Ethereum-Based ERC-20 Tokens

26 Aug 2019

According to a recent report, support for Ethereum-based (ETH) ERC-20 standard compliant tokens is now available on Waves’ decentralised exchange (DEX).

The exchange which recently launched a new gateway with Vostok and Ergo tokens support made it known on the 22nd of August that Waves‘ built-in DEX now supports ERC-20 tokens.

Also, the team at Waves revealed that they are hopeful that the new feature will positively impact the exchange, and will attract new traders and assets to the firm saying that:

“Soon, you will see new trading pairs with ERC-20 tokens. Last year, we conducted voting for listing ERC-20 token. Bancor (BNT) won the voting and became the first candidate for listing on Waves DEX.So, we made it. […] The next asset that can be added via a gateway is ETH. Then, we will add BTC support. It is scheduled for September.”

Furthermore, a recent report revealed that within the last 24 hours, Waves’ trading volume- of which the token is currently trading at $1.31- has increased by 1.61%. it is presently the 48th largest digital currency by its market capitalisation.

In other news, a publication released in July revealed that major crypto exchange Binance has added support for several DEXs to its Trust Wallet by integrating the Kyber Network protocol, a dedicated platform for cross-token trading solutions
The integration will enable users to have access to the wider DEX ecosystem and be able to trade digital currencies by utilising a Multi-DEX and interface without an order book.

The information regarding the roadmap for Trust Wallet was released by Binance, and it entailed the exchange’s plans to support tokens based on protocols using proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, integrate layer-2 payment protocols such as Lightning Network, and render staking services.

In light of this development, it has become clear that Interoperability has garnered traction among companies within the industry, and protocol builders who are determined to avoid the occurrence of a siloed blockchain landscape and foster frictionless trading and application development.

Source From : Coindoo News

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