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Top Airdrops You Should Look Out For In March 2020

01 Mar 2020

Airdrops are a convenient way of getting some new coins into your portfolio for free. In today’s list, we will be featuring some of the most interesting crypto airdrops you should look out for this March.

Quantum Generation (QG™)  transforming our global infrastructure in quantum communications, space based banking, exchange, data storage, and more with QSAT™ blockchain satellite constellation.Quantum

 Estimated value: $42.5

 End date: March 5th

Quantum Generation (QG™) is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides encryption for long-term data protection via quantum key generation and quantum key distribution.

Quantum Generation Ltd. QUBIT® (Quantum Mesh Network™) is the network’s utility token that serves a method of payment in both the Quantum Generation™ and StealthCrypto® ecosystems.

QG™ with QG™ Space Cloud™ also enables cloud storage on the QSAT™ network, as well as IoT, unified communications, banking, and faster transactions. The QG™ Graphene Technologie makes use of particle streams instead of EM waves in order to facilitate satellite telecommunications and QG™ sensors.

Participation guide:

  • Go to the Quantum Generation Airdrop Form;
  • Register for an account at the Qubit Exchange and Quantum Generation websites; (Mandatory, +10 QUBIT)
  • Join the project’s official Telegram group and post feedback about it; (Mandatory, +10 QUBIT)
  • Follow their Twitter account and retweet the pinned tweet; (Optional, Up to 40 QUBIT)
  • Follow their Facebook account and share the newest post; (Optional, Up to 40 QUBIT)
  • Complete the rest of the social tasks to get additional coins; (Optional, Up to 70 QUBIT)
  • Submit your completed tasks to the airdrop form;
  • Get up to 170 QUBIT tokens credited to your wallet for carrying out all tasks.


  • Telegram;
  • Mail;
  • Facebook.

LGT is a Educational and gaming platform for beginner traders.LGT

Estimated value: $20.1

End date: March 11th

LGT is a platform that was designed to help beginners learn about trading through interactive games. LGT quickly helps newbies learn the ropes of market trading without them having to worry that they will lose their money.

LGT platform features a unique trading format that is both educational and fun. By depositing on the platform, users can receive between $20 and $1,000 as their first deposit bonus. The trader gets to take all the profits he made while trading with the bonus deposit.

Participation guide:

  • Access the LGT Airdrop page;
  • Join the official LGT Telegram group;
  • Create an account on the LGT platform;
  • For trading activities, you will receive $20 + 0.1 LGTE (game currency);
  • There is also an application form for their referral program that you can complete;
  • Copy your referral link and paste it in your account;
  • Send the code to your friends and receive $0.50 for each active referral.

The first 3 referrals with active users will receive:

  • 1st place – $100;
  • 2nd place – $70;
  • 3rd place – $50.


  • Telegram;
  • Mail.

PayRue is a European based wallet focusing on exchange, transfer, and storage of cryptocurrencies. Their mission is to support the cryptocurrency's mass adoption with secure and user-friendly apps.PayRue

Estimated value: $10

End date: March 18th

PayRue is a crypto wallet that was created in June 2018 by Mikael Olofsson and Ingemar Svensson. The London-based platform was designed to facilitate the exchange, transfer, and storage of cryptocurrencies as part of their effort to further mass adoption.

PayRue offers user-friendly and secure apps that are less costly and easy to use when making crypto transfers. The two founders have two decades each of experience in tech finance and trading, from their years spent working at reputable financial companies in London and New York.

Participation guide:

  • Access the PayRue Airdrop page;
  • Download the PayRue app, which is compatible with your Android or iOS device;
  • Register for an account on the app and provide the necessary information to pass the KYC; (Mandatory)
  • For signing up and completing the KYC, you will get 5,000 PROPEL tokens;
  • You can get extra 1,000 PROPEL tokens for each person you referred to that has completed his KYC. (Your referral link is available in-app)


  • App;
  • KYC;
  • Mail.

KICK ECOSYSTEM is a one-stop shop for fintech transformation, based on three fundamental functionalities: B2B-decentralized digital asset exchange, fundraising platform and payment processing.KickEX

Estimated value: $6

End date: March 25th

KICK ECOSYSTEM is a decentralized digital asset exchange for businesses that also serves as a fundraising platform and payment processor. The native token of the ecosystem is KICK and is currently listed on CoinMarketCap.

The KICK platform features a total of 12 different services, which can work independently from each other or in perfect harmony as part of the ecosystem.

Kick Ecosystem aims to help blockchain and crypto-asset gain global adoption, and help improve the economic landscape in a way that is regulated and advantageous to all parties.

Participation guide:

  • Go to the KickEX Airdrop page;
  • Click “REGISTER AND GET 50,000 KICK;”
  • Sign up for an account;
  • Have your email verified by following the instructions presented at the bottom of the page;
  • Provide the KYC requirements;
  • Passing the KYC will get you 50,000 KICK tokens;
  • You can earn up to 1 million KICK by referring to other users.


  • Mail.

Cryptotalk.org - it’s a forum about cryptocurrency, blockchain, trading, mining, ICO/IEO where you can find a huge base of useful content.CryptoTalk

Estimated value: $72

End date: March 31st

Cryptotalk.org is a newly-launched forum where all topics related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, trading, mining, ICO/IEO are discussed by thousands of enthusiasts. The site has already amassed more than 21,290 users and has over 9,800 topics and a total of 2,828,451 posts.

CryptoTalk features a wide range of articles, tutorials and engaging discussions regarding all things crypto. Each post is rewarded with 1000 satoshi. Considering the engagement rate of this platform, it is quite easy to get rewards and learn something new from other community members, which makes this one of the best crypto airdrops of this month.

Participation guide:

  • Go to the CryptoTalk website and sign up for an account;
  • Access the page of the YoBit exchange and also sign up for an account there; (Withdrawals are enabled via this exchange)
  • Post a comment on CryptoTalk and get 1,000 Satoshis. Be sure to follow the guidelines presented below by the site moderators;
  • Link your CryptoTalk account to YoBit to withdraw your Satoshi;
  • Use the email through which you signed up on CryptoTalk.

The rules specified by the forum operators are:

  • to post only constructive messages;
  • each post has to meet a minimum limit of 100 characters;
  • you can only make a daily maximum of 30 posts ($3 USD);
  • all posts will be reviewed by moderators and spammers will get banned.


  • Mail.


These have been some of the top crypto airdrops that you can take part in this March. Be sure to follow the instructions correctly, so that you can get your rewards without any problems.

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