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Top Airdrops You Should Look Out For In April 2020

02 Apr 2020

There are many projects and startups from the crypto space that are holding airdrop campaigns for their users. If you are looking to get some free tokens, then check out our list that features the top airdrops of April 2020.

Sensorium Corporation is a technology company that creates simulated virtual experiences of real-world concert venues and virtual worlds.Sensorium KuCoin

 End date: 21 April

 Est. value: $10

Sensorium Corporation is a company that uses technology to generate virtual experiences of real-life events. SENSO token is already supported for trading on KuCoin exchange.

Sensorium creates proprietary virtual reality content in partnership with its content partners, which are concert venues, clubs, and festivals.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to the Sensorium (KuCoin) Airdrop Form;
  • Follow the Twitter accounts of KuCoin and Sensorium Galaxy;
  • Retweet this tweet with these hashtags: #SENSO, #KuCoin;
  • Send the details to your airdrop form with the screenshot of your tweet and KuCoin account;
  • 50 participants selected at random will receive $10 worth of SENSO tokens.


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Email.

BDAM is a complete financial ecosystem providing state-of-the-art banking, trading and payment solutions on the global scale.BDAM

End date: 13 April

Est. value: $16.5

British Digital Asset Management (BDAM) is a financial platform that incorporates high-end banking, trading, and payment solutions for users worldwide.

The platform was developed by experts in the finance and technology industry, and it was backed by leading venture capital firms and incubators.

Participation instructions:

  • Access the BDAM Airdrop Form;
  • Provide your name, email, and ETH address;
  • Join BDAM Telegram group;
  • Go to Google Play Store and download the BDAM Pay app;
  • Rate the app and leave feedback; (Mandatory)
  • Through the app, sign up on BDAM Pay; (Mandatory, +50 BDAM)
  • Download the BDAMX app on the Google Play Store. Then, rate it and leave feedback; (Optional)
  • Open the app and sign up on BDAMX; (Optional, +50 BDAM)
  • Go to their Github page and view all the source code of the project; (Optional, +10 BDAM)
  • Send your details to the Airdrop form;
  • Receive 110 BDAM ($16.5) tokens for completing all tasks.


  • App;
  • Github.

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to global traders by using blockchain technology.OKEx BAT

End date: 7 April

Est. value: $4.7

OKEx is a well-known crypto exchange, supporting hundreds of token and futures trading pairs. The exchange is also among the top trading platforms by trading volume, and their services are accessible to users from 100 countries.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to the OKEx Registration page;
  • Register for an account and verify your mail;
  • Sign in and complete your KYC Level 1;
  • Get 20 BAT ($4.7) tokens;
  • If you already have a OKEX account but have never made trades or deposits, you can deposit ≥5 BAT to your OKEx account from an external wallet or from another exchange, or you can buy or sell at least 10 BAT on OKEx.


  • Email;
  • KYC.

Trust Wallet is an easy to use, multi cryptocurrency wallet which can trade over decentralised exchanges (DEX Wallet support).Trust Wallet

End date: 3 April

Est. value: $10

Trust Wallet is a popular multi-cryptocurrency mobile wallet which also has in-built decentralized exchanges (DEX Wallet support), and it was launched in 2017. Trust Wallet has been acquired by Binance and is now the exchange’s official wallet.

The wallet supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and more than 20,000 different Ethereum based tokens (ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721).

Participation instructions:

  • Go to the Trust Wallet Airdrop page;
  • Enter your phone number;
  • Download Trust Wallet/Open Trust wallet from the link from the SMS you will receive;
  • Claim 100 TWT when opening the application;
  • Refer more people to earn more TWT tokens;


  • Email;
  • Phone.

Akoin was created by Grammy-nominated, ulti-platinum selling artist, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Akon, who successfully founded and grew Akon Lighting Africa to provide scaled solar power solutions throughout 18 African countries.Akoin

End date: 7 April

Est. value: unknown

Akoin is the crypto project of recording artist, producer, and philanthropist, Akon, who is also the founder of Akon Lighting Africa, which provides solar power solutions in 18 African countries.

The Akoin Ecosystem was created to help grow the economy, mainly in areas such as Africa, as well as support and empower youth free enterprise, economic stability, and increase financial opportunities. Akoin is based on the distributed, hybrid blockchain of the Stellar Lumens project in order to provide fast remittance transactions.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to the Akoin Airdrop page;
  • Join Akoin Telegram group;
  • Complete the tasks presented;
  • 10 of the participants of the Social Share Challenge selected at random will receive $200 in Akoin tokens;
  • Each referral gets you 15 entries.


  • Telegram;
  • Email.

Boostchain is a blockchain-powered advertising platform that rewards the viewers for their attention.Boostchain

End date: 14 April

Est. value: $10

Boostchain is an advertising platform based on blockchain, which rewards users for viewing the ads.

Boostchain enables advertisers to use cryptocurrency for tipping viewers through the Boostchain platform. The tokens are exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, or they can be used to purchase broadcasting time on the Boostchain network.

Participation instructions:

  • Access the Boostchain website;
  • Click “Sign up now” and register with your details;
  • Verify your email;
  • You will be rewarded with 2500 BTSKN ($10) tokens;
  • For each referral you make, you can receive an additional $5 worth of BSTKN.


  • Email.


TokeliteEnd date: 27 April

Est. value: $28

Tokelite is a loan network which is based on blockchain and uses smart contracts to enable cash loans. Tokelite is based on the ERC20 token standard, and it allows users to reap the benefits of lending and borrowing with their blockchain assets and get cash loans.

Their network features integration with a juridical investigation security system. This offers security to its clients and investors. As the system leverages blockchain assets to secure cash loans, users can get access to quick cash loans whatever credit score or geographical location they may have.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to their Tokelite airdrop;
  • Follow their Twitter and retweet the pinned post;
  • Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel;
  • Follow their Facebook and share pinned post;
  • Complete the supplementary tasks and send your details. You will receive 14 TKL;
  • Earn an additional 2 TKL for each referral;
  • The first 3 users with more referrals will receive a total of 2500 TKL.


  • Facebook account;
  • Twitter account;
  • Telegram account;
  • Email address.


This has been our list of some of the best crypto airdrops you can participate in this April. Be careful to follow all the instructions correctly in order to get free coins.

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