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These Are The Most Rewarding Bitcoin Faucets In May 2020

04 May 2020

Trading or buying crypto on exchanges can be intimidating for new users, but there is also another way of getting BTC in your wallet without complicating yourself, and that is by using Bitcoin faucets.

Faucets are sites where you can earn free Bitcoins by completing simple tasks, such as watching ads, videos, completing captchas, or playing games. The great benefit is that you do not have to create accounts, provide personal information, or complicate yourself with trading orders to get Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that you only receive Satoshis for your tasks, which represents 0.00000001 of a BTC. This means that in order to get the most profit out of your time spent completing challenges, you will have to pick the faucets with the best payouts and task options.

Here is our list with the best Bitcoin faucets you can opt for this May:


ebotEobot is a first cryptocurrency cloud mining platform, but it also includes a Bitcoin faucet that is only available to users who are registered for their services. You can only use the faucet once a day.

Eobot is a legitimate service that has been offering cloud services for a long period of time. It provides crypto mining options for coins based on the SHA256 and Scrypt algorithms and uses the Antminer S series as hardware for its operations. The service has more than 590 000 users.

While the once a day policy of the faucet may seem discouraging, it does hand out very substantial payouts. The service is also available for other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many others.

Time For Bitcoin

timeforbitcoinTime For Bitcoin is an easy to use faucet, as you just sign up, put in the address of your Bitcoin wallet, click on the “Claim your Satoshis” button, and pass the double captcha. Users can claim Satoshis every five minutes after completing the captchas. In order to withdraw your Satoshis, you need to reach at least 20,000 Satoshis.


Fausty.comFautsy.com is a popular site that has many sister Bitcoin faucets, which can allow users to gather free Satoshis.

You can earn coins through different tasks, such as solving the captcha, viewing more ads, clicking buttons, or going through some pages. The amount of reward varies depending on the difficulty and time required to complete each task. You can claim free money from Fautsy.com either very easily by just clicking on the site, or it can involve using several different websites, claim from them, and then get back to Fautsy.

On Fautsy.com, the claiming interval is set at 5 minutes, and even 6 for some of its sister sites. The reward you get per claim can vary between 25 and 30 Satoshi. The site limits the claims to 100 per day, which means that you can earn at least a daily 1,000 Satoshi. You can submit a withdrawal request when you have reached a sum of 1,000 Satoshi, but you will have to pay 400 Satoshi as a fee.

Fausty users can receive a substantial commission of 30% by referring new people to its website. The website uses the FaucetPay.io service for its payment system.

Claim BTC

Claim BTC is one of the newest Bitcoin faucets on the market, but it seems to have attracted the attention of several users recently. You can make claims every 15 minutes, with the funds made directly credited to your Faucethub wallet. You can make anywhere between 4 and 10 Satoshis per claim and benefit from a referral commission of 25%.


The sister website of Fautsy.com, StarBits is also among the most used Bitcoin faucets. You can claim up to 5 Satoshis every 5 or 6 minutes. The payments can be made instantly to your Faucethub wallet. If you refer new members to the site, then you can receive a 20% referral commission.

Free Faucet

Free Faucet requires that you first create an account on the site, after which you will be able to complete a variety of tasks on other websites to earn Bitcoins and a lot of other altcoins. To earn coins, you can sign up on different sites, join email lists, login, and more. The platform supports a wide variety of cryptos that you can claim, counting 2500 different coins and tokens.

The site also offers a $4 top-up package where you can get 20 claims plus a 30x claim reward. There are 4 different memberships, which influence how much you can earn per claim. For example, Fire members can earn 8 times their claim, Gold Members can multiply 10 times their claim, Ultimate members can multiply 20 times their claim, and Platinum Members can earn 30 times their claim.

The minimum amount of Bitcoin you can withdraw from your wallet is 0.00010000 BTC. There is also an automatic claim option, but it is only available to Premium users.

You can sign up on the site using your email, Facebook, or Gmail account.


CoinsKing.club offers a faucet program where anybody can earn free cryptocurrency by clicking on buttons, solving some captcha, and for more coins, viewing some ads.

CoinsKing.club sends your payment via ExpressCrypto.io, a micro wallet, which means that you first have to create an account with them.

After registering with ExpressCrypto, you will receive an ID which you will use when signing in on CoinsKing. You will have to submit your currency choice, your ExpressCrypto.io ID, complete a captcha from Google, and click the blue “CLAIM” button.

You can choose between 19 different cryptos to claim, including Bitcoin. To receive payment, from ExpressCrypto.io, you will have to meet the minimum before withdrawing. Each coin will come with different limits and withdraw fees.

For Bitcoin, the minimum limit is set at 15,000 Satoshi, with a fee of 500 Satoshi per withdrawl. There are currently over 130 programs that pay only in Bitcoin.

You do have, however, a claim limit per day, where you can make ten claims for 8 minutes and 1 claim for 13 minutes per day. This means that you can get at least 82 payments or 82 Satoshi every day. The referral commission is 10%.


While earning BTC via Bitcoin faucets is not the faster way to do it, it is still a good way of entering a volatile market without having to invest money.

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