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Swiss Watchmaker Franck Muller Comes Out With Bitcoin Cold Storage Line

28 May 2019

Franck Muller, a high-end Swiss watchmaker has partnered with investing firm, Regal Assets to introduce a new line of watches enabled with bitcoin cold storage features.According to a press release, the dial itself was designed using the QR code of Satoshi’s Genesis Block address, containing the public key. The private key comes equipped on a USB drive. Customers can customize the dial and band of the watch, as per their preferences.On the development, the regional director of Franck Muller, Erol Baliyan, said, “We always aim to impact the customer at an emotional level and create a bond between the customer and the timepiece. As a brand, we are a trend maker with a solid track record and are not shy when it comes to adopting innovation. Bitcoin is the millennial gold is the perfect marriage between innovation and personal choice.”The users can add their Bitcoin to their wallet or check their balance directly through the dial, the press release stated.Baliyan further added, “Our watch is currently available online and at our Dubai Mall store. We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer and also in Bitcoin. Buyers can also purchase the watch from our partner Regal Assets.”Adding to that, Tyler Gallagher, the Chief Executive Officer of Regal said, “I am honored to be part of the development of this process with Franck Muller. I believe this watch is revolutionary and is the perfect marriage between crypto and wearables, two booming industries. We are Regal Assets have always been big believers in cryptocurrencies and are always glad to partner up with established brands to come up with new and exciting crypto products.”Asked about other coins, Baliyan said Franck Muller is looking into the top coins such as Ethereum and XRP as well. So far, a date has not been announced for the launch of these watches.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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