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SEC Commissioner Receives Flak For Her Stance From Crypto Victims

02 Mar 2019

The cryptocurrency community is quite fond of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner, Hester Peirce. With her pro-crypto stance, she has rightfully earned the moniker, Crypto Mom. However, there are a lot of naysayers in the community who think she’s the root of their problems, instead of their own stupidity.In response to a question about what kind of messages she receives in her Twitter DMs, Commissioner Peirce said, “A range of messages, some blaming me for having lost all their money in crypto and some offering to give me their perspectives on what’s going on in crypto. I do prefer if people reach out directly to my office. It’s just an easier way to be able to communicate with people. I’m not particularly quick at responding to the DMs.”Now a sensible person would know better than to blame the one person in the government who’s pro-crypto; rather they should introspect and not be a victim in some sort of ponzi schemes, but citizens are loath to change or introspection.However, Peirce, while maintaining her grace said, “My heart goes out to people who have lost a lot of money, whether it’s in this kind of investment scam or any kind of investment scam, and that’s why I really do encourage people, whether it’s crypto or whether it’s any other kind of investment, to ask lots of questions. And if you can’t get answers and if you don’t understand how something works, my suggestion is that you shouldn’t invest. I’m always sad when people get hurt, but I do think that it can be a good lesson for them and the rest of us that you need to to be skeptical and be careful.”Commissioner Peirce stole the spotlight, sometime last year, when she penned a strongly worded dissent against the SEC for rejecting the Winklevoss’ twins application for bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETF).Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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