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Now It May Be Possible To Send Bitcoin Through WhatsApp

27 Mar 2019

What would make Bitcoin more mainsteam? Imagine if one could send bitcoin to a friend through messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Well, it might soon be a reality.As per reports by news portal, Toshi Times, it will soon be possible to send bitcoin through these messaging apps, which will be made possible by a cryptocurrency wallet known as Wuabit.Wuabit was launched last year and the product is still in its beta phase. Explaining why, WhatsApp was its number one choice, Wuabit explained in a Medium post, “It’s a matter of network effect, WhatsApp is the most ubiquitous instant messaging (IM) platform on earth, followed by FB Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, and Viber.”It further added, “Until recently, there was no official API for third parties to start making chatbots or other messaging services, and create things like Wuabit. There were hacks, and reverse-engineered protocol based software libraries that put your next big thing chat idea onto risk of being banned from WhatsApp. Now the way it’s opening gradually via direct connection to their API, or via third party integrators like Twillio’s API offering.”A spokesperson of the company revealed that the public Beta testing would happen next month (April 2019). He added, “We are near completing the wallet core service starting with BTC. By using WhatsApp/SMS/Telegram you can access that wallet easily.”The spokesperson opined that it is possible that the wallet would lead to mass adoption. He said, “Crypto payments via WhatsApp can introduce greater numbers of new users, who only know how to chat, to this complicated space. In addition, he added that “Usability is key in user adoption and a great enabler.”While, this is great news for those who find cryptocurrency wallets hard to figure out, the full scope of this would only be revealed once the product goes public.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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