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List Of Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners

10 Apr 2020

When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2009, very few people knew about it. After some time, the cryptocurrency took over the financial market with an unprecedented wave. Despite market volatility associated with the crypto space, the pioneer cryptocurrency has been the best investment of the past decade. Currently, Bitcoin trades at $7,300.64 per coin. There are millionaires all over the world who have made much out of it just for the period it has existed.

They believed in its potential, and they are now collecting millions in different ways because of Bitcoin. Technically, BTC has risen in appreciation, and in this article, we list the richest Bitcoin owners.

Satoshi Nakamoto


He is the founder of Bitcoin and the major holder of the cryptocurrency. Nakamoto owns approximately 1.1 million due to the early findings and mining he did. He is in the first place because, at the current exchange rate, Satoshi is believed to have $8 billion BTC. He has never touched his Bitcoins and never converted them into fiat currency for any other purpose.

If he decides to sell his Bitcoins, the value will shoot instantly. He is still a mysterious person, as many are not sure of his existence, but he’s the richest Bitcoin owner.



Bulgaria is also known to have a big share of Bitcoin in the world, which makes the country one of the richest Bitcoin owners. How did the European nation have such an amount of money? It was a question of many, and it led to a crackdown whereby the Bulgarian law brought to the confiscation of large amounts of Bitcoins. This enormous sum of money was enough to relieve the country’s debt by a quarter.

The criminals in this crackdown, according to Bulgarian law enforcement, were smart enough to escape the taxes. Since the exchange rates keep varying, this amount was estimated to hit a staggering $1.2 billion as of June 2018. We can only imagine their estimation in 2020.



The figures that display on their Bitcoin exchange platform are surprising. Since they indicate a value of 163,133.38 Bitcoins, it is clear that Bitfinex is one of the largest Bitcoin wallets. The numbers don’t lie, and the BTC comes to an estimate of $1 billion, which translates to $6,098.24 per coin.

The value may fluctuate, but currently, the coins remain in a cold wallet to keep away any unauthorized access. Such big amounts would attract hackers; hence, the system must have an adequate mechanism to curb vulnerabilities.



The FBI has big shares in BTC after it confiscated Bitcoins from the dark web. In September 2013, they managed to bring down Silk Road, which the operator was Ross Ulbricht. Ross compromised his situation that made it easier to catch him. In 2011, reports show that Silk Road users had traded more than 9.5 million.

After holding around 144000 Bitcoins with some of them auctioned off, they remain to be one of the largest Bitcoin holders. Part of this portion was sold to Barry Silbert.

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert

He is a venture capitalist and creator of the Digital Currency Group, which is said to have adopted some Bitcoins from the FBI in 2014. The service auctioned 48000 Bitcoins to Silbert, and the value plummeted from 16.8 million to $288 million. The US Marshal Service had confiscated these Bitcoins from a dark web operator Ross Ulbricht. He was operating with drugs and many illegal products that attracted the interest of the FBI.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver

He is also called “Bitcoin Jesus.” He became a billionaire through Bitcoins that were around 100,000. He dropped out of college to concentrate on his Bitcoin projects, which proved to be a huge success. Ver’s goal was to have his libertarian nation that allowed people to own their lives and use their property as they like.

He is a controversial Bitcoin evangelist who changed his citizenship in 2014 and settled on the Caribbean island.

Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem

He is one of the richest Bitcoin owners. He bought a lot of BTC at the time when the exchange rate was $3-4. When the value shot to $20 per coin, he bought more of them. Shrem is only in his early 30s, but he is already a member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

In December 2004, he was sentenced to two years in prison after he was found guilty of money laundering. When the day came, he was released and launched a startup called Intellisys Capital. This company sells investment ideas and strategies to blockchain companies.


Winklevoss Twins

The twins, Cameron and Tyler, were among the first Bitcoin billionaires. They were initially famous after their scandal with the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, accusing him of stealing the Facebook idea. According to the allegations, Mark was to help them create a connectU website when he decided to turn the idea into Facebook.

They received a compensation of $65 million in which $11 million bought 1.5 million Bitcoins. After this investment, the value shoots up to 20,000%. The twins now have a 1% share in the Bitcoin business. Their net worth estimates to $400 million, and they continue to fund Bitcoin-related ventures.

Garvin Andresen

Garvin Andresen

Garvin gets credit for building on Bitcoin after Satoshi discovered it. He denies this claim, even though he had very close relations with Satoshi. After he succeeded in 2010, he developed an open-source code that assesses the operations of cryptocurrency and its trend. The Bitcoin foundation paid him more than $200000 for his efforts on the platform. He received a number of these payments that have made him land on the richest Bitcoin owners list.

Tony Gallippi

Tony Gallippi

He is one of the biggest holders in Bitcoin, making him one of the richest Bitcoin owners. The famous Gallipi came up with BitPay, which is a globally used Bitcoin service provider. He launched the company in May 2011, and it earns more than one million dollars in a single day. Famous companies signed up with BitPay, such as Dell, Newegg, Microsoft, TigerDirect. With such contacts, he has thousands of Bitcoins in circulation, making him a millionaire.

Final Thoughts

The list above highlights the richest Bitcoin owners who have more than 153000 Bitcoins in circulation. These addresses will continue to grow as the market keeps evolving. It is worth mentioning that other people have invested in BTC and haven’t declared their worth. However, the currency fluctuations should encourage you if you want some opportunities out of Bitcoin.

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Note: This post was originally published on 28 March 2019 and has been totally updated for the completeness and veracity of the content on 9 April 2020.

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