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Ledger Set To Begin Shipment Of The Nano X Hardware Wallet

12 May 2019

Popular crypto hardware wallet maker, Ledger has made it known that it will begin shipment of its previously delayed Nano X hardware wallet.

Shipment of Nano X to Start May 15

While launching the wallet on January 6, at CES 2019 (in Las Vegas) the wallet maker made it known that it will start shipping the wallet in March 2019. But due to product quality issues, the shipping was delayed. The firm has however made it known that it will start shipping on May 15th 2019.

The Nano X is a much-improved version of its predecessor, the Ledger Nano S. Featuring Bluetooth support, a larger screen, and larger storage space the wallet is expected to provide better security.

Top Five Features of the Wallet

Below are the top five enhancements made by Nano to its latest product.

  • A rechargeable built-in battery. This allows the Ledger Nano X, unlike the Ledger Nano S, to function even when it is not connected via a USB cable to a computer or a USB charger.


  • Bluetooth LE support: The Ledger Nano X is still a USB stick just like the Ledger Nano X, but addition of Bluetooth support and a newl mobile version (for both iOS and Android) of its wallet management app, Ledger Live, means that you can send or receive crypto wherever you go (even if you don’t have your computer near you).


  • A slightly larger Organic LED (OLED) screen “so that scrolling addresses will be a thing of the past.”


  • Higher storage space for apps (for each type cryptocurrency that you need to store on a Ledger device, you need to install an app that supports that coin/token).


  • The buttons are “larger and on the sides rather than the top.”

With the shipping starting on the 15th of this month, those who pre-ordered on the day of the launch can finally get the device they paid for.

Source From : Coindoo News

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