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Jack Dorsey Looking For Developer For Square Crypto

17 Jul 2019

Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, is looking for designers to help spread the beauty of bitcoin, far and wide through their cryptocurrency project, Square.Knowing that the devil is in the details, a Medium post by Square crypto posted an imaginatively-penned update about seeking designers. A portion of the post reads, “Unlike traditional design roles at cryptocurrency companies, this is a chance to focus on establishing the long term design vision of Bitcoin. You will work within the Square Crypto team and engage the broader open source developer community in order to make tangible forward progress toward this vision.”The major requirement for this role is someone who is excited to lead design initiatives that you believe can best contribute to Bitcoin, and have the patience to operate in Bitcoin’s decentralized ecosystem.Last month, Square announced their first ever hire. At the time, the company had put out a tweet saying, “Hey guys. Management here. It seems the cats discovered catnip. While they’re vision questing, please welcome our summer intern and inaugural hire, Gary Fuches. Let’s give Gary a warm crypto welcome.”However, that relationship did not last for a long time. A few days later, the company stated, “Hey guys. Management again. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with Gary. However, we think we’ve found somebody who can live up to his commitment to decentralization. Please welcome Steve Lee, aka @moneyball, to the Square Crypto team.”The post further added, “You will not be alone in this. As a central part of the Square Crypto team, you’ll work with an experienced Bitcoin PM and a group of talented developers. In addition, you’ll engage a large, welcoming ecosystem of hundreds of developers and businesses who dedicate their time, energy, and capital to improving Bitcoin.”Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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