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In A Surprise Rally, Bitcoin Jumps 15% Within Single Day Breaching $5,000 Mark

04 Apr 2019

When Bitcoin fell to record lows of around $3,000 towards the end of last year, there were more than enough skeptics to claim that the glory days of digital gold are over. Some of them even went to the extent of saying that Bitcoin is dead. But as soon as this year started, the price of Bitcoin also started moving on a different trajectory. It first climbed back above $3,000, then above $4,000 a few days ago… and now after a sudden rally today it has also breached through $5,000 mark! At the time of writing BTC is trading at the price of $5,036 in United States, and actually, this is the second time when it has crossed the $5,000 mark in last 24 hrs.If you keep an eye on our updates, you may know already that on 30th of March (3 days ago) I had written about BTC crossing the $4,100 mark. At that time I had said that the price of Bitcoin may cross $5,000 in less than two weeks if momentum continues. But the momentum actually shot through the roof and this level was crossed within 3 days only! The price of Bitcoin broke through $5,000 yesterday night itself, and then there came some selling pressure to pull it back towards $4,700 mark. However, now in the morning it’s back above $5,000. This is a 15% rally in a single day, The reasons behind this spike are an altogether different subject and we’ll talk about them in a separate piece. In this article I want to talk about the prices alone.Other major cryptocurrencies also experienced similar spikes in their prices. Ethereum, for example, is up 16.76%, currently trading around $169.15. XRP is up 11.21% with its current market price at $0.35. Litecoin spiked 29% in a day with its CMP at $80.8, EOS spiked 20.8% with its CMP around $5.2 right now and Bitcoin Cash was the biggest gainer among top ten with its price jumping as much as 45% within a single day! Bitcoin Cash is currently trading at $251.27!Bitcoin SV also rose 25%, and currently it’s trading at $84.87, while Cardano jumped 21.17% and is currently trading at $0.088. Among the top 10 the least rising cryptocurrency was TRON, as it rose only 8.41%. Perhaps because it has already rose a lot since the beginning of this year. Currently it’s trading at $0.28.Now it will be interesting to see how this momentum continues today.

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