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How To Choose An Ethereum Casino

06 Mar 2020

Online gambling continues to be a popular activity year after year. It’s never been easier to pull out your smartphone and try your hand against Lady Luck. It’s also never been more secure. Especially with many online casinos now accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, is one of the most popular ways to pay online. Not only can gamblers enjoy 100% anonymity, but it also allows for instant withdrawals. Due to the scale of Ethereum vs Bitcoin, transactions are also much faster.

Unfortunately, there are some bad actors out there. Not all casinos are as legitimate as they seem. But don’t worry, we have provided some easy to answer questions to help you choose a legitimate Ethereum casino.

1. Is the casino licensed?

Always join a regulated online casino. Regulated sites are held to high standards with regards to your security. By joining a licensed casino, you receive maximum protection. Look out for regulation from the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. These are two of the most respected gambling bodies in the world.

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2. Are games probably fair?

Gambling real money can make us question the results at a casino site. Especially in the event of a steep loss. One of the best aspects of playing crypto online slots and games is that you can see if results are truly random. This way you can ensure it’s just a bad roll and not the casino tampering with outcomes.

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3. Is it legal to play online casinos in your country?

All countries have different gambling laws – and you may be residing in an area where it’s illegal. Don’t get yourself into hot water – it’s time to find another hobby! We hear video games are pretty good time killers…

4. What are the terms and conditions?

Specifically, you want to be checking any fine print related to payments. What’s the maximum deposit? How long does it take to receive a withdrawal? If this information isn’t readily available, then try and connect with customer services

5. Is there a welcome bonus for new players?

Online casino sites give new players bonus money to welcome them into the site. And if you choose to deposit with Ether, then you could have your funds matched with a bonus. You could even withdraw the bonus if you satisfy the terms and conditions. With this in mind, it’s always worth shopping around for a killer deal.

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