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Hackers Breach Microsoft Users’ Emails; Steal Cryptocurrency

01 May 2019

One of the biggest IT companies in the world, Microsoft, announced that hackers had carried out a breach and the users who were more severely affected were cryptocurrency holders.According to a report by Motherboard, Microsoft said that hackers were not only able to access Outlook users’ email metadata as previously reported, but also email content. The news portal found that all that the hacker needed  was a Microsoft customer support worker’s login credentials and from there everything was a cakewalk. Numerous Outlook users said that the reason behind the breach was emptying users’ cryptocurrency accounts.Jevon Ritmeester, a Microsoft user that the company alerted to the data breach told the news portal, “The hackers also had access to my inbox allowing them to password reset my Kraken.com account and withdrawal [sic] my Bitcoin.”He wrote in a post, “I wanted to see the status of my cryptos. I don’t watch Kraken.com every day, sometimes I don’t even look for months. When I wanted to log in that day, my password no longer worked. Strange, because I use a password manager and a unique (long) password for every important account. I then went to my Outlook account to see if I might have reset my password, but what I might have forgotten. A search in my inbox did not really produce results. Only when I started searching in all my mailboxes did a number of emails come forward. These were the mails in my Trash:31-03 17:27 – Kraken Alert: password reset request
31-03 17:28 – Kraken Alert: Your password has been reset
31-03 17:32 – Kraken Alert: Withdrawal address approval required
31-03 17:33 – Kraken Alert: Withdrawal requested”However, this is not an isolated case. A Reddit user wrote on the platform, “My account was hacked as a direct result of this. Lost 25,000 in crypto. Hackers didn’t have my credentials they just had access to the content of my emails. Didn’t need passwords. Just put in password change requests. Verified the email confirmation links. Any confirmation they needed they had access to. Strange New IP is this really you? Click. New password? sure? Click. Want to add 2fa so the real owner can’t get in and you can do fast 2fa withdrawals? Click. Will just turn those email confirmation withdrawals off. Oh and since your basically a hotmail employee today let’s just erase all emails that this happened today so when the real email user logs in there’s literally no trail of this happening. For real do I have recourse against Microsoft? I am sure I am not the only one. Crypto users were targeted.”Earlier Microsoft had stated that the breach had only impacted email metadata and customer information, such as subject lines and the names of other email addresses. However, after Motherboard showed the evidence, Microsoft revised the statement.Last month, Microsoft had announced that it would enable XRP payments through Outlook, which had generated a lot of excitement in the community. Hopefully the news shouldn’t slow down this particular project.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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