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FXORO Review – All The Features That Have Turned Fxoro Into A Top Online Broker

13 Aug 2020

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If you are thinking about signing up with an online broker to start your trading career, you must have heard the name of FXORO. This broker has created an online platform and trading system that most other brokers only dream of. If you are a trader looking for the perfect trading platform, you will not find any flaw in the platform you are being provided by this broker. So, what makes FXORO so special and friendly for its traders from around the world? Let’s find out in this complete FXORO review that goes into the details of every single feature that has made this broker the top one.

All the Great Features of FXORO

  • Enjoy Cash Back Offers

Do you have any brokers providing you with cashback offers? Not really! There are lots of online brokers that talk about bonuses and promotions but the method to get those bonuses is so difficult that traders never even think about them again. With this broker, you will enjoy some great cashback on your trade when you enter a certain number of trades.

  • Get Stamped Gold Bullion

Have you ever seen a broker that provides you with stamped gold bullion for trading? Of course, you are meant to trade when you sign up with an online broker, but there are no brokers that offer you a reward for just trading with it. However, you will have a completely different experience when you sign up with this one. Maintain a specific number of the lot by trading regularly every three months to get stamped gold bullion from the broker.

  • Two Intelligent Accounts

FXORO has simplified the process of signing up with it. You don’t have to pick one trading account from 12 different ones. That makes things difficult, but everything will be easy when you are ready to sign up with this broker. So, you have only two types of accounts. You can choose from fixed and floating accounts. Fixed accounts mean you will be trading with fixed spreads whereas floating accounts mean you will be trading with floating spreads.

  •  Get Huge Leverages

There is a lot for you to gain when you sign up with this broker. The broker is providing you with huge leverages so you can enter big trades and increase the potential of making huge profits. You have brokers that make a lot of claims of offering you huge leverages. Their leverages usually revolve around 1:100 and 1:200. On the other hand, when you sign up with FXORO, you will have leverages of 1:400. These leverages might change from asset to asset, but you can enjoy such huge leverages with certain assets.

  •  Islamic Accounts

Are your religious beliefs stopping you from signing up with the broker’s traditional account types? Yes, that’s a commonplace happening with Muslim traders from around the world. However, you will not have any problems signing up with this broker because it is providing you with Islamic accounts no matter which accounts you pick i.e. floating of fixed.

  • Trade Anywhere in the World

You don’t have to change your device only to trade with this broker. This broker has given you a trading platform that’s available for you everywhere you are. If you want your trading platform to be on your Windows personal computer, it will be there. You can even download and install it on your MAC devices. The best thing is that this trading software is available on your mobile devices as well. Whether you have the latest Android phone or an old iPhone, you can enjoy trading easily with the mobile trading application from the broker.

  •  Regulation, Encryption, and Segregation

These are three of the most important concepts that you have to familiarize yourself with before you sign up with an online broker. They are the guaranty that you are signing up with the right broker and on a safe trading platform. You will be pleased to know that this broker takes care of all three of these important matters. It is a regulated broker that has been authorized by FSA to perform all of its transparent trading activities. In addition to that, it performs encryption and protects your information when you provide it to the broker.

The most important thing is that the broker puts your money away in segregated accounts rather than mixing your funds with its money. With these three features, you can be sure that you are signing up with one of the best online brokers.

  •  Training through Videos and Ebooks

Yes, you can learn trading the way you want with this broker. The training material is accessible to you as soon as you sign up with a paid account. You have to admire the fact that you get access to all the training material regardless of the type of account you sign up with. So, you have basic courses from the broker that allow you to learn the basics of trading. However, you can also go with the in-depth courses if you want to reach the professional level of trading. In addition to that, you have webinars, in which you can listen to the experts talking to you about trading. If you have any questions, ask them in real-time.

  •  Many Financial Markets of the World

Do you want to trade exotic currency pairs or stay safe with some stable currency pairs? You will get them all with this broker. In addition to that, you can trade a variety of commodities such as energies, produce, precious metals, and more. That’s not it, you can trade shares of the best companies in the world as well. The indices that you can trade with this broker come from not only the US but the UK, Japan, and many other parts of the world. Please take into account the fact that you can trade cryptocurrencies with this broker, so wait no more.

Final Verdict

It is amazing how even these features do not completely justify FXORO, which has much more to offer to its traders who join its trading platform every single day. It is a safe, regulated, and authorized broker providing you with an amazing trading platform and proper education to set foot in your trading career with confidence. You will hardly find another broker that’s as strong as this one.

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