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First Indian Crypto Talk Show To Go Live This Month

10 Apr 2019

While the fate of cryptocurrency regulations hang in the balance in India, it is heartening to know that the community is trying to make a difference in anyway they can. Be it roadshows or Twitter campaigns, people in the Indian cryptocurrency and blockchain community are nowhere bogged down.Boosting the morale up, another group of people have taken matters into their own hands (to a small extent). Shantanu Sharma, the founder of a blockchain training and consulting firm, InCryptt Labs has announced a new talk show called Hard Fork which will be airing this month.Crypto-News India got in touch with Sharma to find out more about this venture. When we asked him how did the idea materialize, Sharma said, “We started our own start-up 6-7 months ago. We wondered about how we could make a difference to the community and how could we do more. We started talking to a media company startup and debated the idea of starting up a channel that would be only dedicated to talking about cryptocurrencies. So, I’d say it’s been in the pipeline since the past 4 or 5 months.”The pilot (so to speak) will launch by April 22 on Amazon Fire TV as well as some other social media platforms. Sharma said, “It’s not a pilot per se. We will be shooting several segments and upload them one after another.” When asked about other social media platforms, where the show would be telecasted, he named YouTube and Facebook among others.In a conversation with Bitcoin News, Sharma said, “We are hoping to record enough content for at least 30 mins of episodes each. Currently, the plan is to broadcast one episode per week but, based on “feedback from viewers, especially the community, we might increase the frequency. We also plan to use the audio of all the shows for regular podcasts.”So, while legality of trading cryptocurrencies hangs in the balance, this is a good way of utilizing the time that one may have to generate more awareness about this beautiful industry that we are all a part of.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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