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Crypto Exchange Changelly Launches Free Crypto Course

06 Aug 2019

Cryptocurrency exchange, Changelly will offer an e-book that will help new traders in the field of cryptocurrency.In a blogpost, the exchange said, “We at Changelly are constantly trying to support our users by informing them of the latest product news along with observing crypto basics, trends, and insights. All of this information aims to help crypto enthusiasts to keep abreast of the crypto industry development.”The crash course will include topics such as types of crypto assets, hot and cold wallets, crypto exchanges (centralized and decentralized), ways to purchase crypto, popular scam schemes, among others. The post said, “Changelly crash course is suitable for those who are just starting their journey into the world of cryptocurrency, as well as for those who have already started making a profit on crypto trading and want to strengthen their skills in this area.”The e-book will help clarify all the doubts that beginners have about crypto and avoid making mistakes while buying, storing and exchanging crypto.The exchange was in the news last September when a Reddit user wrote a post on the portal warning people to stay away from the exchange, as it would “steal millions.”At the time, the user had said, “For the past few days Changelly has implemented new draconian KYC and AML rules that extort users into sending personal information or lose their money (good profit for changelly). There are posts all over Reddit about this. Not only do they not allow you to cancel your transaction (like XAPO etc all over exchanges) after you send in your documents it will take weeks if not forever for verification. This is 100% money grabbing scheme. They do not warn users about the document requirements before you do the transaction.”Looks like, the e-book might help people gain some knowledge without losing thousands of dollars.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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