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Bitcoin Trader Assaulted In Netherlands

27 Feb 2019

A bitcoin trader in Netherlands was attacked by a group of robbers recently, according to local news media outlet, De Telegraaf. According to the report, the robbers were disguised as policemen.The victim, Tjeerd H. was reportedly a victim of a violent raid right in his home in Drouwenervee, earlier in February. The robbers were purportedly dressed in balaclavas, bulletproof vests and a police coat threatened him with firearms. The motive behind the crime was not immediately ascertained, however, the news portal speculated that it could be because the victim had been trading in cryptocurrencies for a significant time.The news portal further stated that sources from the police also concurred with the version of events.This is not the first time that a crime of this kind has taken place. Such crimes have been taking place in many countries, irrespective of the cryptocurrency regulations. Last year, around this time, four men were arrested in Taiwan for state’s first Bitcoin robbery. The incident was reported from the city of Taichung, and it happened when neighbors of the victim called police by reporting a dispute. When police reached and found bloodstains at the site, and it was learned that the victim was not only looted but also assaulted by the robbers.The investigation revealed that two men tried to lure the cryptocurrency trader named Tai by pretending that they wanted to buy Bitcoins from him. After Tai showed proof of his Bitcoins on his phone he was assaulted by them and 18 Bitcoins (worth $188,000) were forcefully transferred from his phone. Then they tried to make the whole scene seem like a drunken row by making Tai drink a strong liquor.However, as neighbors reported the assault, one of those men was arrested at the robbery scene itself. The second one was picked from island of Kinmen, where he was trying to evade detection. Two other men were also arrested, with one of them being the mastermind of attack.Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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