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CES 2019: Meet Addison, A Full-Time Virtual Caregiver

17 Jan 2019

This conversational speech interface has a face and its own personality.

Developed by Electronic Caregiver, a division of SameDay Security Inc, Addison Care converts the home into a full-time healthcare center through its use of Addison Rose, a brand new voice-based virtual assistant that employs a combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to provide more intimate, comfortable care to “her” patients.

“We wanted to give new life to voice-based virtual assistants in a way that dramatically expands the utility of voice platforms, while significantly enhancing the user experience,” spoke Anthony Dohrmann, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SameDay Security, in an official release. “Addison will transform the way people interact with technology. She uniquely inspires a feeling of affection, helping people connect and better embrace their new tech.”

Created using Amazon’s Sumerian Host development platform, Addison can perform a variety of health-related tasks, from scheduled medication management and care plan adherence, to emergency responses and various social interactions. To help patients better empathize with what is essentially a virtual AI, Addison features her own unique personality, complete with strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, even past illnesses during childhood; characteristics that, when brought together, create a personality in which patients can form a genuine connection.

“Having a web-based platform like Sumerian that will host the complexity of artwork, skill and technology behind Addison has already set us apart,” adds Joseph Baffoe, company President of SameDay Security, Inc. “What used to take us months or even years to create, now takes a matter of days. Amazon Sumerian has saved time and millions of dollars and can be credited with enabling us to create Addison.”

Addison is currently providing treatment over at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Most of Addison Care’s innerworkings have remained secret up until now, so it’s exciting to finally see what the next-gen healthcare provider is truly capable of.

“We want Addison to be the total package – including home healthcare, rehabilitation continues Dohrmann. “Addison is already remarkable, but we’re going to continue innovating and researching to continuously create a superior in-home experience.”

“People have always wondered what voice assistants might look like in the real world, and we’re going to show them at CES in January.”

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